Burgers with pure Icelandic meat

Choose your size and taste! All burgers are made with Icelandic products with different types of sauce brands made specially for our restaurant.

Cheeseburger Lettuce, Tomato & Secret Sauce 1.030ISK
Baconburger Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Secret Sauce 1.240 ISK
Olsenburger Ham, Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Secret Sauce 1.450 ISK
Fishburger Lettuce, Tomato, Secret Sauce 2.290 ISK
Chickenburger Lettuce, Tomato, Secret Sauce 1.185 ISK
Baconburger w/egg Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Bacon, Cucumber, Egg & Secret Sauce 1.450 ISK
Jumping Jack 175gr Cheeseburger w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Sauce, Bacon & Fries 2.560 ISK
BBQ Burger Cheese, Vegetables & Secret Sauce 1.030 ISK
Olsen Spes Burger Cheese, Mushrooms, Pepperoni, Bacon, Vegetables & Secret Sauce 1.495 ISK
Sticky Fingers 175gr Cheeseburger w/ Mushrooms, Bacon, Double Cheese, Country Fries, Vegetables, & Bernaise Sauce 3.060 ISK
Route 66 175gr Burger w/ A Lot Of Finely Chopped Onions & Paprika, Vegetables, Banana Pepper, Olsen Sauce, French Mustard, Tomato Sauce & French Fries 2.560 ISK
Country Honk Double Burger 280gr w/ Blue Cheese, Mushrooms, Bacon, Black Pepper, Extra Cheese, Red Onion, Jam, Sauce & Vegetables. Your choice of French Fries 3.060 ISK
Rocks Off 175gr cheeseburger w/bacon jam, double cheese, vegetables, olsen sauce, home made chile majo, and fries 2.730 ISK
Chicken burger Southern Fried lettuce,tomato,cucumber,olsen sauce 1.195 kr
Vegan burger lettuce tomato,cucumber vegan sauce 1.050 kr